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"I Need To Sell My House Fast In Moreno Valley"

Sell your house fast in Moreno Valley and pay no realtor fees or make any repairs.  100% FREE Offer. 

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Looking to sell your Moreno Valley home fast is harder than you think.  There’s a lot of things you have to deal with and a traditional sale is not guaranteed.  Realtors will say that selling your Moreno Valley property by listing it with them is the easiest and quickest way to sell your home, but is it?

It seems like any time you want to sell your house in Moreno Valley, there’s a laundry list of Realtor’s lined up to help you do so.

But being a Moreno Valley homeowner, you have to understand that doing your own research when it comes to the best way to sell your house in Moval is always going to be your best bet to a fruitful and successful home sale.

sell my house moreno valley ca

Odds are you don’t sell your house very often, and you probably want to get as much money into your pocket as possible from the sale of your Moreno Valley property.

But did you know that selling with a Realtor takes sometimes upwards of 6 months, costs you on average $28,000 to get your Moval home in “sellable condition”, takes hours upon hours of time either hosting open houses and viewings, or having to leave because your Realtor requested you to do so.

Instead of selling your house fast in Moreno Valley, the selling process leaves you disappointed, tired, and frustrated.  The good news is that there’s a better way if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to sell your house.  Better yet, going this alternative route, you don’t have to pay any commissions or fees to a Realtor, and there’s absolutely no showings, appraisals, and you can close on your terms.

Selling your Moreno Valley house for cash to a cash buyer like FCO is a great way to sell your property and keep moving forward.   Fast Cash Offer is a Moreno Valley Cash for Houses home buying company and we’re happy, ready, and willing to buy your house for cash.

What To Expect If You Sell A House For Cash In Moreno Valley

Based on the people we’ve spoken to in Moreno Valley, it seems that most homeowners want a simple and seamless transaction when it comes to selling their home.  If that sounds like the route you’d like to take, selling your house to a cash buyer like Fast Cash Offer is something to consider.  Plus, when you take into consideration the amount of cash you’re going to have to spend in repairs, Realtor fees and commissions, cleaning costs, hosting or leaving for showings and open houses, and various other costs to bring your home to “sellable condition” – selling your house in Moval for cash seems to be one of the best routes.  Selling your house for cash in Moreno Valley is easy:

GET OFFER: The first step to selling your house for cash in Moreno Valley, is to get an offer from Fast Cash Offer.  If your property meets our buying criteria, you’re guaranteed to receive a best in market cash offer.  This offer on your Moreno Valley property is completely no strings attached.  It’s up to you to accept or reject.   Totally your call.

CLOSE ESCROW: Once you accept our offer, we open Escrow with our Moreno Valley Escrow partner to start the process of closing and put together all the paperwork.  During this time, our transactions coordinators will assist you and make sure that everything goes the way it should go.  If for any reason you have any questions, the Fast Cash Offer team is always here to help.  Remember, Fast Cash Offer can close in as little as 7 days, but it’s up to you to decide what closing date works best for you.

GET PAID: On closing date you can either pick up the check after we buy your Moreno Valley house, or you can have Escrow wire it directly to your bank account.  Whatever route you decide, Escrow is here to get you paid on the day of closing. 

What To Expect If You Sell A House in Moreno Valley
With A Realtor

Selling your house fast in Moreno Valley by using a Real Estate agent isn’t something that typically works.  These days, there’s tons of hoops to jump through to sell your house traditionally.  Don’t let anybody tell you differently.  That said, here’s what you can expect if you decide to sell your house with a Realtor on the market:

Having an experience like this will lead to frustration for any homeowner.  Not only will you be frustrated if your traditional selling experience doesn’t work out, but you’ll have wasted time, money, and energy to go through this whole process.  With the market’s cooling conditions and the lender’s more difficult requirements to qualify for a mortgage, selling your house in Moreno Valley with a Realtor is not the best option.  Selling your house cash is the right way to go.

REPAIRS: The average cost to sell your house in Moreno Valley can range from $16,370-$28,491 due to costly repairs to get your home into “sellable condition”.  That’s around 2-3% of your selling price.

HIRING AN AGENT: Selling your Moval property on the market with an agent means you have to look for one.  While they are a dime a dozen, just remember that you’ll have to pay all their fees, commissions, and closings costs on the sale.

CLEANING THE HOUSE: You can’t sell your Moreno Valley house without showings and open houses.  In order for somebody to want to buy the property, it needs to be meticulously cleaned and maintained.  The easiest route to do that is by hiring a cleaning crew which costs time and money.

LIST THE HOUSE: After the months of repairs and cleaning, you can finally list your property.

OPEN HOUSES: Once your property is on the market, your agent will have open houses and showings to get it sold.  These events are all day and typically require you to leave.

OFFER: It’s as simple as it sounds.  This is when somebody offers an amount on your Moreno Valley home.  Unlike a cash offer from FCO, this still doesn’t mean the sale is final, and there’s a chance that the contract can be terminated.

CLOSING: Escrow when selling traditionally is a tedious and long drawn out process.  Realtors and Escrow agents are all over the place, there’s tons of documentation that’s needed from the buyer and their lending institution.  The whole process is truly a nightmare.  Compare that to the closing of a cash sale which is as easy as providing the buyer clear title and the buyer providing you cash money!

Did you know that on average, the time it takes to sell a home in Moreno Valley with a Realtor is around 2-3 months?

Can I Sell My House In Moreno Valley By Myself?

Homeowners in Moreno Valley (and other places in California) think that selling their home by themselves is easy and that it keeps some money in their pocket.  While they are correct when it comes to keeping more money in their pocket, what they don’t get is that when you sell your house yourself, AKA, “FSBO” or “For Sale By Owner”, you’re solely responsible for all the marketing, pricing of the property, negotiating with buyers, handling all legal paperwork and initiating opening of Escrow.  All this takes time and isn’t worth the trouble because when going FSBO, odds are you’re going to miss something important that impacts the sale.  Expect the following if you try to sell your Moreno Valley house yourself:

Sell My House In Moreno Valley To A Cash Home Buyer

The best way to sell your house fast in Moreno Valley is to use a reputable cash buyer.  Fast Cash Offer specializes in buying houses quickly and for cash.  The good news is that we’re also a Moreno Valley Cash Home Buyer.  This means that we’re actively looking for and ready to close on Moreno Valley properties.  If you are looking for a quick sale, then look no further.

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Submit Moreno Valley Property Information

If you’re curious about how much we’ll give you in cash for your Moreno Valley property, all you have to do is submit your property info plus your contact info. Once you do that, our team will pull up your property and if it fits our buying criteria, we’ll send you an offer.

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Get An Offer On Your Moreno Valley Property

Once you submit your property information, our team will reach out to discuss your property and your situation to be sure that not only are we a good fit to work together, but that selling your house for cash is the best option for your current selling situation.

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Finalize Moreno Valley
Property Sale

Now that we’ve discussed your situation and you’ve accepted our offer, we’ll open Escrow with our Moreno Valley Escrow partner to get the paperwork done, confirm the title is clear, and close on the deal. Once that happens you get paid and can move on!

See what Moreno Valley sellers say about Fast Cash Offer!...

"Faster than I thought it'd be"

I never sold my house for cash before.  I thought that it’d be a nightmare with a lowball offer from a company that didn’t know what they were doing.  Boy was I wrong!  Fast Cash Offer not only exceeded my expectations on the offer, but they explained the processed fully and provided my family the help and relief we needed.  I can’t thank them enough!

Manuel T. - Riverside, CA
"Best option for us to sell"

Josh and his team went above and beyond for myself and my family.  The process was easy and took a lot of stress off my plate.  We were behind on our payments and had our backs against the wall.  Luckily we were able to sell our house to Fast Cash Offer and get done with this to be able to move forward with our lives.

Veronica P. - Moreno Valley, CA
"The critics were wrong on this one"

My extended family have a history of trying to tell me what to do thinking that it’s the best situation for me.  I’m glad that I listened to my heart on this one.  The offer we received was very competitive.  It was the highest offer I got from any of these kind of companies. But the service was second to none.  I will always recommend Fast Cash Offer.

Danny O. - Menifee, CA
"I'm finally free!"

I felt so stuck due to inheriting a property from my papa’s will after he passed.  We didn’t have the money and we didn’t want to take care of a house in a completely different state.  I live in Montana and this house was in California.  Instead of having to fork out money to keep this house up for taxes and such, we decided to sell to fast cash offer.

Mia B. - Fontana, CA
"Everything went well with the sale"

From signing the contract to filling out the paperwork to getting paid.  Fast Cash Offer and their team of experts held my hand the whole way.  I like how thorough they were.  There were no shortcuts and everything was explained to the point where I knew EXACTLY what was happening and how the process went.

Ashley A. - Riverside, CA
"I cannot thank you enough"

This was a very stressful situation for me that I thought would never end.  I was really scared that my house was going to be foreclosed on and I would never be able to experience homeownership again because of that on my record. Fast Cash Offer literally saved my life by buying my house.  They gave me cash in 5 days!

Rebecca M. - Hemet, CA

We Buy Houses No Matter The Situation In Moreno Valley

Like we mentioned, selling your CA house to a cash buyer like Fast Cash Offer might NOT always be the best option.  Although, there’s plenty of times that selling for cash IS the best option.  Below you can see just a few types of homeowner situations that we deal with a lot in California.  Don’t see your situation?  Submit your address to see if your property qualifies for a cash sale.  It doesn’t matter the condition of the house, if you currently live there, or if it’s occupied by a tenant.  We want to give you a cash offer and buy your house!

Any Reason
Any Condition
Any Challenge
Inherited Property

Death of a loved one? We can help buy a property that you don't need or can't afford.

Job Loss

Can't afford your house due to a job loss? We help take the headache off your plate.


Keep your good credit and let us help get you out of foreclosure with a fair cash offer.


Splitting up? We help remove the burden of a divorce so you can go separate ways.

Expensive Repairs

Our FCO promise gives you a guaranteed offer AS-IS. Skip the repairs.


Dealing with a bankruptcy? FCO wants to provide you a Fast Cash Offer.

Bad Tenants

Landlord issues? Let us help you get rid of the bad tenants nightmare.


Fire or water damage? We don't care. Let us buy your house so you can worry less.


Don't need the space? We can help you get into a new property with a Fast Cash Offer.


Need to move somewhere else? We buy properties AS-IS so you can move fast.


We can provide peace of mind for your retirement by buying your house for cash.

Health Issues

Remove the stress and let us purchase your house so you can live and feel better.

Traditional Sales
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+/- 10% Costs/Fees
compare sale icon
Financing Contingencies
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Required Appraisals
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+/- 91 Days Until Sold
compare sale icon
Tons of Showings
compare sale icon
You Pay For Repairs
compare sale checkmark icon
No Commissions/Fees
compare sale checkmark icon
Guaranteed Offer
compare sale checkmark icon
No Appraisals/Showings
compare sale checkmark icon
Zero Repair Costs
compare sale checkmark icon
Leave Items Behind
compare sale checkmark icon
Close In 7 Days
Property Investor
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compare sale icon
Low-Ball Offers
compare sale icon
Major Negotiation
compare sale icon
Prices Change
compare sale icon
Often Backs Out
compare sale icon
Needs Financing

More Reasons To Use Fast Cash Offer To Sell Your Moreno Valley House

As discussed, there’s a lot of reasons why a quick cash sale for your Moreno Valley home is a great option.  A lot of homeowners have a misconception that selling their house quick for cash means taking a lower price on their home.  That simply isn’t true.  Did you know that selling your house for cash means selling as is, versus selling with a Realtor and paying fees, commissions, repairs, cleanings, and doing upwards of 25 showings.  All that money and time spent means you typically make around the same amount of money from your sale.

cash offer program money bag icon

Moreno Valley Cash Offer Program

Sell your house fast to Fast Cash Offer

A quick and painless fair cash offer so you can sell your house without stress or headaches.

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Moreno Valley Traditional Sales Process

Listing your house with an agent

Repair costs, cleaning and maintenance, regular showings, failed escrows, and high commissions.

No Need To Clean Or Make Repairs To Sell Your Home in Moreno Valley

We buy houses as they sit right now.  Don’t worry about expensive repairs which cost a ton of money and delay the sale of your Moreno Valley property.  No showings, cleanings, and you can leave anything you want behind.  We pride ourselves on helping our sellers get to the finish line with a good amount of money in their pockets while relieving the burden they want to get rid of.

home interior gut image
We Buy Houses AS-IS — That Means No Costly Repairs!

FCO loves broken down and beat up homes.  It doesn’t matter how much work your house needs, we want to buy it.  Get your cash offer today!

Typical Home Repairs

No Need To Pay Realtors Any Fees Or Commissions

Selling your house to use for cash means no fees, commissions, or any other expenses.  We pay everything related to the sale minus anything associated with clearing title and taxes.

Typical Traditional Sale Costs

Cities Near Moreno Valley We Are Currently Buying Houses In