Home Equity Protection Program - Maximize Your Selling Price


USA's Most Trusted Home Buyers - Sell fast, Sell Convenient, Guaranteed To Get Fair Market Value

USA's Most Trusted Home Buyers - Sell fast, Sell Convenient, Guaranteed To Get Fair Market Value


Cash Offer Vs. Equity Protection Program

Cash offers are great if you need a sale that gives you speed and convenience. If you aren’t in immediate need to sell your home, our Home Equity Protection Program might be a great alternative to a fast cash sale. The Home Equity Program was created to help the homeowners in our community get the same type of convenience as a cash sale with a much higher sales price. No agents, no paperwork, No frustration. Just a fair market value offer for your house that’s guaranteed to be higher than any cash offer you’ve ever received.

Traditional Listing
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+/- 10% Costs/Fees
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Financing Contingencies
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Required Appraisals
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+/- 91 Days Until Sold
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Tons of Showings
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You Pay For Repairs
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No Commissions/Fees
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Guaranteed Highest Offer
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Zero Repairs/Concessions
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Easy & Convenient
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Leave Items Behind
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Maximize Sale Price
Cash Offer
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Low-Ball Offers
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Major Negotiation
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Prices Change
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Often Backs Out
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Needs Financing

Highest Sale Price

Lowball offers suck. Our Equity Protection Program offers you a much better sale price with the same convenience as a cash sale.

Pay Zero Fees Or Costs

Just like it's brother, the cash sale, Equity Protection promises NO fees, Realtor commissions, and no closing costs.

Frustration Free Process

Our Equity Protection Program keeps things simple and easy for you, while getting you top dollar for your home.

Comparing Our Home Equity Protection Program
Vs. All Cash

There’s a lot of benefits you’ll get when you choose a Cash Offer program like ours below.  Instead of a long process with a ton of fees and commissions, numerous showings and life disruptions, along with tons of potential repairs — Selling to a cash buyer like Fast Cash Offer is a quick and direct process.  See the differences below.

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Home Equity Protection

Same convenience as a cash sale 

On average, Equity Protection Program offers are over 20% more than your regular cash offers.

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Cash Offer

Quick cash offer from Fast Cash Offer

A quick and painless fair cash offer so you can sell your house without stress or headaches.

Schedule your no obligation consultation with Fast Cash Offer below:

Sell Your House As-Is, Guaranteed!

Don’t worry about expensive repairs or cleaning up your property to make it nice.  We’ll buy it just the way it is.  FCO understands that the property might need a lot of TLC and that’s fine with us.  Our equity protection program is designed to buy your house As-Is.

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You Want To Sell — We Want To Buy!

FCO loves broken down and beat up homes.  It doesn’t matter how much work your house needs, we want to buy it.  See if you qualify today!

Typical Home Repairs


No Need To Pay Realtors Any Fees Or Commissions

When comparing your home selling options between selling traditional with a Realtor or selling to a cash buyer like Fast Cash Offer, the honest truth is that both routes are better in certain circumstances.  Every situation is different and providing you the facts to decide for yourself is what we aim to do.

Typical Traditional Sale Costs


Sell Your House The Fast & Easy Way

Ready To Take The Next Step?

We Buy Houses In Any Situation And In Any Condition

When we say any situation and any condition, we mean it.  It doesn’t matter if your house was blown up and you only have the slab foundation left.  We’ll buy it.  Fire damage, water damage, pest issues, costly repairs — We’ll buy it!

Inherited Property

Death of a loved one? We can help buy a property that you don't need or can't afford.

Job Loss

Can't afford your house due to a job loss? We help take the headache off your plate.


Keep your good credit and let us help get you out of foreclosure with a fair cash offer.


Splitting up? We help remove the burden of a divorce so you can go separate ways.

Expensive Repairs

Our FCO promise gives you a guaranteed offer AS-IS. Skip the repairs.


Dealing with a bankruptcy? FCO wants to provide you a Fast Cash Offer.

Bad Tenants

Landlord issues? Let us help you get rid of the bad tenants nightmare.


Fire or water damage? We don't care. Let us buy your house so you can worry less.


Don't need the space? We can help you get into a new property with a Fast Cash Offer.


Need to move somewhere else? We buy properties AS-IS so you can move fast.


We can provide peace of mind for your retirement by buying your house for cash.

Health Issues

Remove the stress and let us purchase your house so you can live and feel better.